Girls just wanna have fun!

We all know that girls just wanna have fun, but girls also wanna relax from time to time!

Having girlfriends is important for a healthy life. This is particularly true when life throws you tough changes — getting married, having kids, going through a breakup, moving to a new job, or just dealing with whatever life throws your way.

So, try something different. ..... glamourous glamping at Benone Getaways.  Forget the city and head to Benone Getaways for your overnight stay near the sea! The benefits of spending time near (or in!) water with your friends for a girls’ day out are endless. Consider booking an experienced guide who can provide all the equipment and knowledge you need to try surfing, paddleboarding or after a sea swim, book the sea sauna.

Finish the day of with a dip and sip in the hot tub, followed by cooking with friends in the Chill and Grill BBQ Hut and later cosying around the firepit with some marshmallow s’mores.

Don’t forget to dig out the old scrapbooks/photo albums and reminisce  .   Share your favourite, most embarrassing, and funniest memories . No matter how long you’ve been friends, there’s nothing better than doubling over in laughter at the crazy antics you’ve gotten yourselves in.

Just make sure it’s #instaworthy and tag Benone Getaways!

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