Benone Getaways | Will you MARRY ME?

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What could be more romantic than a wild proposal under the stars in the private garden of Binevenagh Hideaway exclusive pod. You may wish to  'Will you MARRY ME? The Team can adorn your pod with decorations, balloons, and rose petals,  along with a few delicious treats, and you’re sure to have the romantic proposal moment you’ve been dreaming of.

Alternatively, you may want to stay Benone Getaways and organise a beach proposal.

Looking for ideas? 

 Write a message in the sand.

 Go for a sunset/sunrise walk and propose.

 Have a romantic picnic on the beach.

 Have a swim/surf and pop the question.

 Ride horses along the golden sand beach

 Another idea for you:

Benone Getaways and Mussenden Temple.

If you’re looking for a proposal location that ticks all the boxes, then Mussenden Temple is certainly it. It’s got the backdrop – an incredible sweep of sandy coastline fringed with crashing waves. It’s got the drama – a wild coastal headland that soars 36 metres above the sea below. And it’s got the looks – in abundance. This stunning 18th century temple was modelled on the Temple of Vesta in Tivoli, near Rome, and it delights at every turn.

Don't forgot to add on the extras and to tell us, that you are planning to propose in our special requests box when checking out. 

Time to get down on one knee...

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